Battery Charger, NOCO Genius, 12/24V 7200mA

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    The most versatile all-in-one battery charger any vehicle owner would need to quickly recharge its battery in hours, including cars, boats, trucks, RVs, tractors and much more up to 230 amp-hours.

    Perfect for keeping your vehicles fully-charged and maintained during year-round battery maintenance or long-term storage for improved performance and longevity.

    Works with all types of 12-volt and 24-volt lead-acid batteries, including Wet, Gel, and AGM, or any common automotive, deep-cycle, marine, or maintenance-free battery. DC Cord-75-Inches (14AWG). AC Cord-60-Inches (18AWG)

    Keep your battery fully charged without worry or overcharge. Simply plug-in and let the advanced charging technology automatically monitor and maintain your battery.

    Use the advanced Repair Mode to reverse the damaging effects when batteries are left uncharged for extended periods to improve battery performance and longevity.

    Convert the battery charger into a 5-amp constant-current, constant-voltage power supply for maintaining onboard computer memory during battery changes or as a DC power source.

    Includes an optimized charge mode for safely charging and maintaining 12-volt lithium-ion batteries, and recommended with use on lithium batteries with an internal BMS.

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