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…Ultimate Performance Systems

For performance enthusiasts who will not settle for anything but absolutely the finest performance ignition system, the Comp 9000 distributors provide tomorrow’s technology today. Mallory UNILITE® distributors give you accurate, maintenance-free ignition timing. Instead of old-fashioned points systems, they have photo-optic, LED-triggering systems that never vary or wear out. You get increased RPM potential, improved combustion, longer spark plug life and better cold-weather starting.

Active Power Filter

The included Active Power Filter (MAA-29351) is designed for UNILITE® ignition Systems that could experience failures of the ignition modules from voltage spikes, transients or power surges.

Voltage spikes are associated with “noisy” electrical systems from electrical defects such as worn or dirty alternator brushes, corroded or oxidized electrical connections and similar electrical problems. Voltage spikes are clamped and regulated by the Active Power Filter from damaging the UNILITE®‚ ignition module. The Active Power Filter connects between the distributor female connector and the distributor wire harness male connector and attaches easily to the distributor with Velcro or to the firewall.


  • UNILITE® 86 Series Electronic Ignition (MAA-8648201)
  • Fully adjustable vacuum and mechanical advance
  • Counterbalanced rotor and adapter shield interlock to prevent arcing and crossfiring
  • CNC-machined, aircraft quality aluminum housing
  • Triggers HYFIRE® Electronic Ignition Controls, OEM coils and Mallory PROMASTER® Series
  • Mallory Pro Cap included
  • Includes Active Power Filter (MAA-29351)
  • 50 State Legal EO D70-6 & D70-9


Chevrolet – Includes all distributor equipped engines including corporate GM competition engines 1955-96 V8-RH 262-454, 502 except 1955-74 Corvette w/ mech tach, 348-409, Rocketblock, Tall Block, and Merlin/Superblock

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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 8 × 8 in
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MAA-29351, MAA-8648201


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