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Jesel Valvetrain Sportsman Tie Bar Roller Lifters

As with Jesel’s popular Sportsman Series rocker line, the Jesel Sportsman Series Tie-Bar Lifters offers the same Jesel quality and durability at a lower cost. From mild drag engines, street/strip builds, pleasure boats to circle track, these lifters will give you the bullet proof performance you are looking for.

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Holley Lightweight Dominator ECU

Holley EFI’s new Lightweight Dominator ECU PN 554-114LW utilizes a lighter potting material than the standard Dominator unit to reduce the total weight by 1.8 lbs. This lightweight version is specifically intended for drag racing and perfect for applications where saving every oz is mission critical. It is not recommended for use in high-heat conditions nor under-hood mounting installations and applications with high continuous current draw.

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Thermo-Flow Modular Fluid Cooler

Thermo-Tec is proud to introduce its new Thermo-Flow Modular Fluid Cooler, a cooling system that is only limited by your imagination. Its unique design of cooling fins within the inner and outer surfaces provide maximum cooling efficiency by pulling the heat out of any liquid that passes through it, dissipating heat into the ambient air surrounding the coolers.

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