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A dyno simulation from Granite City Performance can be a great tool in the development of your next engine. The latest performance parts available can be tested before spending any money or turning a wrench. Engine dyno results have been within 10% of physical dyno tests, the computer can accurately predict how the parts combination will affect your engine before it’s built. Possible “mismatched” components in your engine can be identified before assembly consider it as a pre-build “safety net” to prevent a mismatched camshaft, compression ratio, cylinder head, intake manifold, exhaust header, or carburetor.

It makes perfect sense to verify your performance parts combination with an engine dyno simulator. Not only will you be able to see what all those high performance camshaft specs can do to wake up your engine, but you can also simulate and tweak your engine and drivetrain BEFORE it is built.

Dynomation6 incorporates two engine simulation models:

Filling-And-Emptying simulation that provides extremely fast mathematical solutions to engine physics, making this technique a uniquely powerful and rapid way to “ballpark” engine design with accuracy.

Full Wave-Dynamics Method-Of-Characteristics simulation that predicts complex pressure-wave dynamics and particle flow in intake and exhaust ducting. Data is seamlessly shared by both simulation models. Power, torque, engine pressures and more can then be displayed independently or in a HybridSim, where simulation results from both methods are combined.

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